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One Son is Enough

Published 2006 by Walker Books
ISBN 1844281450

For 10 years + (but see review below by 11 year-old Miranda, who thinks it would be fine for 8+)

cover - One Son is Enough

ONE SON IS ENOUGH is set in Ottoman Turkey c. 1800. It tells the story of twin nomad boys, Osman and Iskander, who are separated by the Sultan’s Youth Levy. This was a form of slavery – the boys chosen were taken to be trained at the Sultan’s palace and expected to serve him for life as soldiers, civil servants, personal pages, gardeners, cooks, or whatever was needed and they were good at. They were on the whole well treated and received a good education, but it was still a permanent separation from their homes, and my twin heroes Osman and Iskander decide they will try to defeat the system.When Iskander is captured and taken to Constantinople, Osman decides to follow and try to free him. But the odds against them are huge – vast spaces, dangerous foes, a heavily fortified and guarded Palace. To find out what happens, you must read the book...

Osman and Iskander

From Beatrice, aged 11, emailed 4/3/2014 :

I read ''One son is enough'', and I thought that it was an amazing book! At the end I just thought that it would be really cool if you wrote a series of it because it just felt that the story needs go on!

I like this book because there is a really cool story line, and I like the adventure, the sadness, the happiness, the fear, the hope and the love....''One son is enough'' is now my favourite book!

At school we are doing a ''readathon'', to raise money  for very ill children. For the readathon I might read your book “BACKWATER  WAR''.  I would like to read about the Guernsey war, and it sounds like a very exciting plot.

Review from Miranda, aged 11

As soon as I started reading “One Son is Enough” I couldn’t put it down!...
The story made me think a lot about how difficult life can be in some places and for some people. I really felt that I was in the book and inside each boy as their story is told. My heart sank when things went wrong and I was desperate for them to be reunited.

I found it an inspiring read and would recommend it for children 8+ and adults alike - my dad is half way through!


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