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cover - Abraham's LegacyAbraham's Legacy

Andre Deutsch, 1963 
out of print

“I wonder if he drowned himself deliberately…”
When Abraham drowns while swimming off the coast of Italy his sister Sara is left uncovering layer after layer of deceit, pain and suspicion.

I love Italy, and wrote my first novel there while in Rome on a research fellowship. I was delighted when a reviewer said: it is rare to find a writer who can conjure up the atmosphere of a place with such skill.

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cover - Cupid's TearsCupid's Tears

Sceptre, h/b.1995, ISBN 0-340-63957
Sceptre p/b 1996  ISBN 0-340-63958

“When I think of my sister I think of nets, of mesh, of toils in its old sense: a netted space into which a quarry is driven and ensnared…’
What do you do when your younger sister tries to destroy all the good things in your life? The battle between Nat and her sister Jane is on many levels until Jane’s destructiveness is stopped in its tracks…

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cover - Jane's Story Jane’s Story
(sequel to Cupid's Tears)

Sceptre h/b Jan 1998   ISBN 0-340-68568                  
Sceptre P/b 1998  ISBN 0-340-68569-7

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cover - On the NightOn the Night

Sceptre, h/b Jan 1997 P/b 1997 ISBN 0-340-63959-8
Sceptre, P/b 1997  ISBN 0-340-63960-1

What should a High Court Judge do when the woman he loves, a well known actress, gets embroiled in a fight with a former lover and the details are all over the tabloid press? George Warne is at the crossroads of his life and knows it.


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